• Underbite photo

    Anterior Crossbite (underbite)

    A crossbite that affects the front teeth is known as an anterior crossbite, or perhaps more commonly as an underbite.

  • Crossbite photo


    A crossbite is where your upper teeth bite inside your lower teeth. In can happen on one or both sides of your jaw and it can affect your front or back teeth.

  • Overcrowding photo


    Overcrowding is very common and it’s often caused by a lack of space, resulting in teeth that are crooked and overlap.

  • Open Bite Photo

    Open Bite

    An open bite is where the front teeth don’t overlap the lower teeth. An open bite affecting the front teeth is known as an anterior open bite.

  • Impacted tooth photo

    Impacted tooth

    An impacted tooth is one that’s unable to erupt through the gum normally. Possible treatments include removing the tooth, or exposing it so that a brace can be fitted.

  • Diastema photo


    A diastema is a space between two teeth, usually the front teeth. Madonna and model Lara Stone famously both have diastemas.

  • Missing toothphoto

    Missing tooth

    Missing teeth, or hypodontia, can occur as a result of teeth not developing properly or through trauma.

  • Overjet photo


    An overjet is where your top teeth extend past your bottom teeth horizontally (not to be confused with an overbite). Protruding teeth can risk damage and cause problems with eating and speech.

  • Overbite photo


    While there should be some overlap of your lower front teeth, in some cases an increased overbite can cause your front teeth to bite down onto your gums.

  • Spacing of the teeth photo


    Spacing can occur between two or more teeth. Some of the causes can include missing teeth, small teeth, tongue thrusting and thumb sucking.